1. ELSS

Equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS)

Are you looking for some tax saving options? Among the many instruments available for in the market, Equity-linked savings scheme (ELSS) are one of the preferred options. If you invest Rs 1.5 lakh, which is the maximum allowed for tax deduction under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, you can save tax up to Rs 46,350 if you are falling into the highest tax bracket. However, there is no limit to making investments under ELSS


Capital appreciation: One can create wealth by linking their ELSS fund to their long-term financial goals. By choosing growth option, one can gain from compounding and create the desired corpus.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans(ULIPs)

ULIP is a life insurance product, which provides risk cover for the policy holder along with investment options to invest in any number of qualified investments such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds. As a single integrated plan, the investment part and the protection part can be managed according to specific needs and choices.

Which Investor Class Are They Most Suited For?

Those who wish to closely track their investments?

Unit linked insurance plans allow policy takers to closely monitor their portfolios. They also offer the flexibility to switch your capital between funds with varying risk-return profiles.

Individuals with a medium to long term investment horizon

ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) are ideal for individuals who are ready to stay invested for relatively long periods of time.

Those with varying risk profiles

Across the seven funds offered, the equity component varies from zero to a maximum of 100 per cent. Thus there is a choice of funds available to all types of investors - from risk-averse investor to those investors who have strong risk appetite.

Investors across all life stages

This plan category offers a variety of plans which can be opted for depending upon the life stage you are in and your needs and financial liabilities at that point in time.


Market linked returns

Unit linked plans give you an opportunity to earn market-linked returns as part of the premiums are invested in market linked funds which invest in different market instruments including debt instruments and equity in varying proportions.

Life protection, Investment and Savings

Unit linked plans offer the twin benefits of life insurance and savings at market-linked returns. Thus, you have the opportunity to invest your money to earn higher returns, while taking care of your protection needs. Investing in unit linked plans helps to inculcate a regular habit of saving and investing, which is important for building wealth over the long term.


Unit Linked Plans offer you a wide range of flexible options such as

  • The option to switch between investment funds to match your changing needs.
  • The facility to partially withdraw from your fund, subject to charges and conditions.
  • Single premium additions to enable the policy holder to invest additional sums of money (over and above the regular premium) as and when desired, subject to conditions.